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Encrypted computing - collective analytics, machine learning & AI

Automate collective intelligence

Valorize data and machine learning models

Reinforce data security and privacy

Streamline compliance

Reduce data liability

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The solution

Better decisions, data valorization

Tune Insight unlocks the power of sensitive data collaborations and valorization through state-of-the-art privacy and encryption technologies

When your own data is not enough

As organizations become more data driven, they progressively realize that their own data is no longer sufficient to make sound decisions, but they are also prevented from entering sensitive or confidential data collaborations with others due to fear of data leaks, data-privacy concerns, and regulations. Tune Insight has created a solution that addresses these concerns, and also enables secure data valorization.

Your data, in your control, at all times

Never share your data with anyone, including with Tune Insight. Our solution works without transferring any of your data. With advanced collective analytics and federated learning extracted from all participating organizations, Tune Insight provides you with a new paradigm for data collaborations and valorization that is foolproof, scalable, and that brings you the best insights from all participants. Zero-compromise, getting without giving.

Step 1

Tune Insight's system is distributed, with software deployed at each connected organization, close to their respective data.

Step 2

An authorized user from a participating organization requests updated collective insights, in the form of statistics, forecasts or machine learning models.

Step 3

Tune Insight software at each connected organization then prepares encrypted partial results without sharing or transferring the organization's data (not even to Tune Insight).

Step 4

Tune Insight's distributed system aggregates all encrypted results and sends back powerful insights that only the authorized user can decrypt and use in order to make better decisions.

The features

Data collaborations and valorization with no compromise

With privacy and confidentiality handled, Tune Insight offers the following advantages


GDPR compliant, more secure than federated learning; data never transferred or revealed.


More scalable than traditional multi-party computation. Manage hundreds of participants.


As more organizations join the collaboration, insights get more precise and valuable.


Highly parallelizable, we bring better performance than fully homomorphic encryption.


Fully software-based, no need for trusted third party hardware or a new infrastructure.


Born at the EPFL's Laboratory for Data Security

From one of Europe's most vibrant technology institutions comes a powerful solution to collaborate without compromise

A startup born of excellence

From patent-pending bleeding-edge technology researched at EPFL, we have passionately built a powerful solution to your data collaboration problems. At the forefront of technological progress, we enable you to get all the insights you need and to generate new revenue streams.

A strong team to make the vision a reality

Our vision is to transform the upcoming paradigm of the data economy into an insight economy that better protects the data, that is more secure, fair, and protective of privacy and confidentiality rights.